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Baode Brazed plate heat exchanger BL14
Max Pressure (Mpa) 3
Test Pressure (Mpa) 4.5
Volum Per Channel (L) 0.02
Exchange area (m2) 0.014
Max Tempt () 225
A 76 / 80
B 206 / 190
C 42 / 40
D 172 / 154
E 10+2.3n

Detailed Product Description

High Heat Transfer Efficiency Flat Plate Heat Exchanger for Steam Heating, Oil Cooler

Brazing the stainless steel plates together eliminates the need for sealing gaskets and thick frame plates. As well as holding the plates together at the contact points, the brazing material seals the package. Baode's brazed heat exchangers are brazed at all contact points, ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance. The plates are designed to achieve longest possible lifetimes. Since virtually all material is used for heat transfer, the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is very compact in size and has a low weight and a low hold-up volume. The BPHE (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger ) consists of thin corrugated stainless steel plates which are vacuum brazed together using copper as the brazing material. Copper brazed units can be used for numerous of applications. For food applications and applications involving aggressive fluids, Nickel brazed units are requested.

Refrigeration Systems :

  • Evaporator ,
  • Condenser,
  • Economizers and Desuperheaters
  • Air dryer
  • Heat pump
  • Absorption chiller


  • Radiant Floor,
  • Snow Melt,
  • Boiler
  • Solar water heat exchanger
  • District heating

Other Industrial applications such as:

  • Heat Recovery and
  • Oil Cooler: hydraulic oil cooling, engine oil cooling, and fuel oil heating.
  • Steam Heating.
  • Flat plate heat exchanger
  • Beer wort cooler
  • Milk pasteurization
  • Wind turbine oil cooler
  • Marine oil cooler

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