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Baode Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Features

Brazed PHE Design

The stainless steel plates are Brazed  together instead of the gaskets and frames. the contact points to help hold the plates together, also can take high pressure.  the brazing material function is sealing the stainless plates package. Baode's brazed heat exchangers are brazed at all contact points, to make sure best heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance.  The advance of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger  is compact size and  light weight, also can take high pressure up to 4.5 Mpa. Baode offers a flexible customer-made design to meet customer-specific requirements then to ensure the most cost-efficient solution for customers' heat transfer duties.


The  BPHE (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger ) main components are stainless corrugated plates and copper sheet, the stainless steel plates are brazed together by brazing material ( Copper or Nickel) in Vacuum furnace. Copper brazed heat exchanger can be used for numerous of applications. However, for food  or  applications involving aggressive fluids, Nickel brazed units are recommended.

Fluid Flow principle in Brazed plate heat exchanger.

The basic flow principle in Baode brazed heat exchanger is parallel (except dual system BPHE) and current flow, this design can achieve the most efficient heat transfer performance. Normally the connections are located on one side of the heat exchanger, this design make easier for installation.

Flow principle in Evaporator brazed plate heat exchanger.

In Brazed plate heat exchanger, the two media flow always in opposite directions, it is called current flow.   The two phase refrigerant (vapor + liquid) enters the bottom left of the exchanger with a vapor quality depending on the operating condition of the application. Evaporation of the liquid phase takes place inside the channels and some degrees of superheat are always requested.

Flow principle of Brazed plate condensers

Same components  as for the evaporator. The hot gas refrigerant enters at top left of the exchanger and starts to condense on the surface of the channels until fully condensed, sub cooling also requested.

Dual system heat exchanger design

What is dual system? The dual circuit means two refrigerant circuit and one water flow. this design is diagonal flow design. that means the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger  can be connected with two independent refrigerant circuits. This design can make sure each refrigerant circuit is in contact with the entire water flow. The main advantage is that although when only one compressor running still can maximize  the  the water cooling  performance.

Multipass Design

The heat exchanger can be designed as a multipass unit according to customers' need: different connections location and type & size. customer-specific designs are available, please contact Baode heat exchanger for more details.

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